11 April 2009

Montreal massacre article by Timson

Following the April 7, 2009 article on the Montreal Massacre in the Globe and Mail are comments made by readers on many aspects of this event in Canada's history and the impact it and feminism have had on Canada. Particularly relevant in today's society, due to the failing economy, is the fact that there are more middle class double-career families, while other men and women get left out. The more one has, the more one gets.

So some men and women are struggling to meet deadlines for ever-increasing mountains of work, heaped upon their ever-heightening reputations, while other men and women who never got the chance to move ahead may be struggling to pay the bills. Note: the subject of the article is not the main issue of my blog today. Discussion through the comments made on the article is.

Added Apr 25, 2012

The comments made on the Timson article are available to read in the document listed below.

Note: Those who would prefer that their comment not be included in this document please let me know the username and date/time and I will remove it.

I have also included in the list of references two articles by Mark Steyn, the first of which is on the same topic as Timson’s article, and was mentioned by a commenter. The second was a response by Steyn to the comments he received.

Excusing the men who ran away
By Mark Steyn
Mar 5, 2009

Montreal massacre: Let's stop this talk of cowards
By Judith Timson
Globe and Mail
Apr 7, 2009

Montreal Massacre website
By Sue McPherson

The silence of the Canadian lambs
By Mark Steyn
Macleans magazine
Mar 26, 2009

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