4 September 2006

9/11 Alternative Theories - response to Lev Grossman

Lev Grossman, author of Why The 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away (CNN/Time.com), forgot to mention money as a reason from demolishing the world trade center buildings, ie. if the government were actually involved. This is problematic when someone tells people to forget what they are seeing, or what is missing, but to go with "the official reason" only. Take one or the other, they are saying, and make it the official explanation that gets accepted as the one and only truth.

Is there anything wrong with asking questions, with just wanting to know what might have happened? The way this writer puts it it's something only odd people who would want to do. I think that the idea that there were facts without analysis or documentation in the alternative version is a problem the makers of such alternative versions of 9/11 blame on the govt, not the other way around, as this man is. Again, it's a matter of who has the authority and resources get analyses (such as on thermate) done?

I believe also it's about time they stopped calling them "conspiracy theories," a term that might lead people to reject writers or film-makers who present alternative views. The world is extremely complex, usually with many strands of 'truth' embedded in any narrative of an event. Simplifying it by coming up with a fact-based notion reduced to a single 'cause' isn't usually the way things work in real life. Usually, many people and many different threads are bound up in any simple notion of the truth, in a way that ignores vital missing evidence and theoretical explanations. When people's stories and visual evidence is dismissed and downplayed by the authorities gathering evidence, there is a tendency to let it go, to say it doesn't matter. It's only one persons' word. But if that is done time and time again, then there can be a great deal of truth left undiscovered.

It's not surprising that the people who made the film Loose Change did it on a shoe-string budget. That's what happens when those with the resources to get something done properly want to make sure one's work is marginalised and not taken seriously. People should pay attention to their instincts and thoughts on this matter, and question what is being said, officially, and reconsider their own beliefs and the truth of 9/11.

Why the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Won't Go Away

By Lev Grossman
Time magazine
Sept 3, 2006

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