11 March 2007

Pensioners' need for education

Prohibiting discrimination on the basis of age shouldn't mean that the same treatment applies to all people regardless of age, though I would agree that older people should not be treated negatively simply on the basis of their age. They should not be treated any differently to younger people, in opportunities for education, or health care, for instance. On the other hand, age can be a factor in certain instances, such as preventing particular forms of cancer at certain times in the life cycle, or reproductive health at another time. Likewise, that applies to education. Doing away with age discrimination doesn't mean doing away with all awareness of age-related differences. Nor does it mean neglecting the differences among older people based on gender. Especially for the generation of baby-boomers now growing older, there are probably as many of them having difficulties making ends meet as there are the comfortably well-off. That said, I have difficulty with the idea that all older people need to continuously be the recipients of formal education. More of that can be left to the young, while other venues could be made available for senior citizens to follow up on the knowledge gained through life experience.

Colchester: Elderly hit by age rule
By Chris Wilkin
Essex County Standard
9 Mar 2007

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