12 November 2007

Clinton: femininity, masculinity, and marriage

Some truth here, finally. It's not a welcome idea that women are able to achieve success because of the men they marry, but in Gary Younge's article in the Guardian (UK), author Suzanne Goldenberg quotes a female lawyer as saying about Hilary Clinton, "This is a woman who is where she is because of who she married". A lot of women, feminists included, aren't willing to admit that that is how they've managed to get ahead, in their own spheres of life, even though they are lesser in status than Clinton's. Marriage has always been, and always will be, the best resource a woman can have (the same goes for men). Thus, the essential ingredients for success, for Hilary Clinton and many other women, are indeed a combination of femininity, masculinity, and marriage. Read also essay on Gertrude (Briggs) McPherson: an interdisciplinary, biographical approach to life cycle development. Gertrude (Briggs) McPherson was a wife and mother, a missionary, artist, author and suffragist. Born in England, in 1908 she went to Hong Kong. . .

All Clinton has to do is prove her femininity. And her hypermachismo
By Gary Younge
The Guardian
Nov 12, 2007

Gertrude McPherson and the Grey Cottage: an interdisciplinary, biographical approach to life cycle development
By Sue McPherson
S A McPherson website

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Anonymous said...

I don't recall what led me to your web page, destiny or just stumble about in the dark. I live in Bowen Basin, Qld Aust where coal mining dominates the area. Age Pensioner now, no never got the chances in life Ms Clinton had, but we are all watching the fall out of post Bush/Howard/Blair blunder of "Invade Iraq," and all the repercussions. We have new Prime Minister, and Labour Party win, and yes more women in Parliament than ever before.