2017 Dec example of ageism - discrimination 2017

Following is an example from Section C in Susan McPherson’s Application, Nov 6, 2017, to the HRTO for a Tribunal.

retrieved Dec 28, 2017

On its own, this incident concerning Dr P must seem trivial, and it is an incident I have included mainly because it is part of the overall picture of what I have had to put up with. But even the unnamed person who reviewed my Application stated in the letter sent to me on Dec 11, 2017 that their review “failed to identify any specific acts of discrimination.” I am wondering what this remark says about him or her.

In the wider context of this incident, I need to emphasize again that while all this is going on, those reports from Dr A continue to affect the quality of medical care I receive, and my ability to access it. Dr P did not take that into consideration, just offering to set up another test – a complete one. It was done unintentionally, more than likely, not meant to be ageist or sexist, but his decision still reflects the shortened version of what this is all about, that he wanted me to accept as though it would solve all the problems. There was the diagnostic test. And then there was the verbal abuse – the accusations and lies. 

 . . .  . excerpt as follows:
13.   In his letter, Dr P treated me as someone who only “felt” as though I was being misunderstood and misrepresented - not that I really was - because I am an older woman and thus presumably not capable of anything better. As stated in the OHRC’s conclusions from their research, “notions, myths and stereotypes about the aging process and older persons persist and give rise to discriminatory treatment” (OHRC. Policy on discrimination against older people because of age. 2007  http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/policy-discrimination-against-older-people-because-age   .  Although Dr P attempted to address the original issue, was about what parts of the xxx test I would be having, the situation had moved on since then to one far more complicated, with several staff members making accusations against me, including Dr A. It’s not possible to simply not address these issues, or to leave the damning reports from Dr A in place (Item 13, Section C-16, McPherson Application HRTO File # 2017-30245-I).

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