2014 March 4 appt with Dr about Ear/ENT matters

Transcript of appt with family Dr on Mar 4, 2014 concerning administration of the Ear\ENT health concern and referrals. The ENT specialists are referred to as Drs X, Y, and Z, the order in which I saw each of them, not the order in which I was referred to them.

See original blog post CPSO: transparency in the complaint process  September 13, 2015

Dr   Hi


Dr   How are you today?

SMcP  I was wondering about Dr Y, because they’re saying he didn’t get the referral. So I wanted to back up again and talk about that – for the ear. Because . .

Dr – You haven’t heard from him yet?

SMcP  I called. I called and they have no record of me in their system. And so I wanted to ask you – Before you send him another referral, what do you write in the referrral, because I think there’s some problems with what’s going on here, and it’s getting worse as time goes on [meaning the entire situation of getting my ear pain dealt with].

Dr  Is the pain over here? The pain’s over here, right?

SMcP   I have a lump here, which the ultrasound ?? dismissed it, but the fact is, I don’t care if it’s not “discrete” and not “solid”, there’s still swelling there. But I also have snother little swelling here, and I’d like you to take a look at this, and I have pain down here [from the ear down the throat] .  I have ear pain. I have severe ear pain. I even get pains in my shoulder – clavicle area. When I go swimming, afterwards I have a lot of pain in my ear, and Dr X saw that as swimmer’s ear. Well it’s not swimmer’s ear.

Dr  You saw a Dr, right?

SMcP Yes, but . . .  the first one I saw was Dr X, and that didn’t go very well.

Dr  .yeah.  Then you went to see Dr Y, right?

SMcP   No, then I got a name off the internet. Dr Z - because he does something to do with the ear membrane and I thought maybe there was problems something getting in my ear before [I meant water or chlorine perhaps].  I had such pain after I went swimming. But I think maybe it was from exertion.

Dr  [The receptionist] faxed this twice.

SMcP  Pardon me?

Dr   [The receptionist] faxed the referral twice.

SMcP Who did?

Dr   [The receptionist]

SMcP She faxed what – to where?

Dr    To Dr Y.

SMcP   When?

Dr  uhhhh

SMcP  Well what does the referral say?

Dr     for chronic ear pain.

SMcP Yeah but if maybe but– does he get records of the ultrasound?


SMcP No? Did you say chronic ear pain?

Dr  Yes, he has access to your - the MRI. You had an MRI here, right?

SMcP I don’t think so, did I?  No, I had an ultrasound. I had the ultrasound done.

Dr   Ultrasound yeah.

SMcP But, so he has access to that.

Dr  We sent it.    [Reads something]  You know he doesn’t need this.

SMcP    But did he get it. The point is, did he get it? Because when I went to see Dr X, and I said to him, Did you get the ultrasound result, I guess, and he retorted to me, he said Yeah, both of them. And now I’m getting the feeling, the way he said it, was a littl bit hostile, is like because I refused to have a hearing test with him. And then all of a sudden.

Dr  what is the name of the new Dr?

SMcP  Z.

Dr  Is he an ear doctor?

SMcP Well you referred me to him months ago, like in the fall. And he made me an appointment.

Dr What specialty?

SMcP   ENT .   Z.   But I have an appointment. That’s not the issue. The point is I have an appointment with him, unoess you cancelled it. But for 2015.

Dr  Oh yeah. That’s why we sent you to the new Dr.

SMcP   Yeah. To Dr Y.  And now I’m wondering if Y knows I was given an appointment with the other guy, or he knows I’ve had 2 ultrasounds, and he knows I’ve already been to see one ENT, they’re getting to think that I’m the problem, and I’m not the problem. And I’m not getting treated properly for what is the problem.

Dr  He doesn’t need this ultrasound. This is a neck ultrasound. He doesn’t need it.

SMcP But it’s the same thing. But it’s all connected. That’s what I’m going about.

Dr   No, it’s not connected.

SMcP  Yes it is. It’s the eustachian. I get pain all the way down here.

Dr   No, no. He’s not dealing with this.

SMcP  Who isn’t.

Dr   Dr Y. He’s ????  He deal with the ear.. He’s not going to do anything with your neck.

SMcP   But isn’t he ENT?

Dr   He’s ENT but he’s not a neck doctor. He is all ????  So, tell me what you want.

SMcP  Well, if he’s an ear, nose throat specialist, then that’s what he’s supposed to be dealing with – is all this.  What I would prefer – because he’s rejected – I’m assuming it didn’t just go off in thin air, right. I’m assuming he’s asking me, or you, to rethink this. But I would still like to see Dr Z.

Dr  In 2015.

SMcP  No, I’d like to see him soon. And I think that maybe he needs to be informed this is not just an earache. There’s ear pain, and pain all the way down here, there’s muscle pain, and, and. . .   I think what you also said on there that it was earache and lympatic something-or-other, because she told me  - the girl in the office.  And I think that doesn’t explain what it is about. You don’t know that this is a lymph problem. You’re just saying that. What it is is a soft mass, but nobody said it’s a lymph problem. It’s just been stated that it was not a discrete lump, like a hard lump or solid lump. But other than that nobody’s said what it was.  And so you’re saying it’s lymph – swollen lymph, and an earache, which is like - nothing. Right, and he was expecting that it would just go away. Well this is not going to go away because I’ve had this for a long time. And this thing is ?? because I’ve discovered this one [on my throat] …

Dr  [checking out my throat] .

SMcP I felt it – it is a bit tender - it’s where I put a black mark on it.

Dr   This one, right?

SMcP  I think it’s lower down.    …   Well when I put the mark on my head was back.  … I don’t know.  . . . . . I feel it now, on that side. . . . .  I might feel it when I swallow. And  . . sometimes I don’t feel well., and I don’t know if that’s . . . .

Dr  That’s why I referred you to another doctor, okay? What you need is another opinion, from another doctor.  So, I contact Dr Y’s office. Okay?

SMcP Today, yesterday?

Dr  Okay.   No, I’m going to contact his office.  Okay. So I cannot tell you this week . . contacting Dr Y’s office and make an appointment for you. Okay. I know you are concerned. You are worried about it. But.

SMcP But I am worried about everything. It’s pain.

Dr  I don’t have an explanation for it, that’s why I want you to see somebody else. You understand.

SMcP Yes, but . .

Dr   But it’s a matter of time, right.

SMcP But it’s not happening, is it. . .

Dr    So I will contact , and. . .

SMcP Because I can feel it when I swallow. There’s something going on in here. And I think somebody should look at it. And I don’t know what happened to that referral you sent a month ago.

Dr   It takes some time to hear from them, okay. So  . . .

SMcP I talked to them yesterday and they said they didn’t get it. I said it was sent at the end of January. But they didn’t get it.

Dr  They didn’t get it, okay. [The receptionist] sent it twice.

SMcP Why was it sent twice? Why was it sent twice?

Dr  You told my secretary that they didn’t get it. You called and she sent it again.

SMcP Are you leaving?

Dr Yes [starting to leave the room]

SMcP Did she find that  . .

Dr   I cannot spend long time, I told you that, each time when you come   . .

SMcP  I can’t keep coming back here for a report. I’m just asking for the report from Dr Lacerte

Dr  We can … --   You can only come here with one problem, okay, I cannot spend a long time, because I have other patients too. I am telling you again and again this thing, right.

SMcP Yeah, but . .

Dr  You are hardly listening to me. You know, you require a different doctor.  You understand. You need to  . .

SMcP I’m just asking for a report.

Dr   We are on common grounds now. Common grounds. You understand?

SMcP I do but I think 10 minutes it doesn’t work.

Dr  It’s over 10 minutes. Okay. I have spent 15 minutes now.  Okay.  So each time . . .

SMcP But that isn’t my problem. What we were doing is clearing up the problem of the referral.

Dr  You will get the referral. There will be a full referral. Just spend one month .

SMcP  Yes, she said - Y’s receptionist said - you wait 2 weeks. And if you don’t hear then you call back. But you sent mine in at the end of January. [that would be 4 - 5 weeks ago].

Dr  I told you, I’m going to talk to them. I’m going to send . .

SMcP But don’t blame the length of this on me.There is a problem with communication and it isn’t just me.

Dr  Right. I’m trying to help you, okay, so  -  for two years I was  trying to help you but you are becoming ..

SMcP One year.

Dr  All the time more agrisil, to me. Okay

SMcP  This is not adversarial.

Dr  Yes, you are agrisil to me.

SMcP   What?

Dr  Agrisil. Agrisil means you are not respecting me – my service. Right?

SMcP  I don’t know that word.

Dr You’re not respecting me – my service. So I don’t like it . . .

SMcP I feel like you’re not respecting me.

Dr  Yes, that’s right. It doesn’t go together. You find a new doctor.  I think you’re not respecting me. If you think I’m not respecting you then find a different doctor.  Okay. So you find a doctor?  If I give you 3 months?  Within the next 3 months?

SMcP  You can’t just do that. You can’t just drop . .

Dr  I can do that. I can do that. I know I can do that.

SMcP   You have to tell the College of Physicians.

Dr  I inquired from College of Physicians. I can do that.

SMcP I need to see it in writing.

Dr   I’m going to give it to you in writing.  [At this point he starts to leave the room]

SMcP Do you have the report from [a different consultant I saw for my ankle] ?

Dr  I am discussing that with you.

 I will give it to you in writing later. For 3 months. In 3 months you will find a doctor, okay. So  - because I don’t need these arguments with you all the time.

SMcP  These are not arguments. We’re discussing my healthcare.

Dr  It’s not good for my health, too. Susan, okay, when you talk like this. So it’s not good for your health too. So I  ..

SMcP It’s not good when I’m waiting, like - to ?, for a year.

Dr   You’re not going to be ??  I’m going to see other patients after you. Each time I come I ?  phone the College of Physicians. Right?

SMcP Do you have the report from [a different consultant I saw for my ankle]?

Dr  I have information about  . .

SMcP  What’s the date?

Dr  This is Dec 19.  You can get a copy from him. From [the receptionist].

SMcP I think I should have a copy of this one from Dr Y, I mean Dr X, Dr X [I hadn’t received the report from the first doctor at the hearing clinic, despite requesting it on several occasions] For my records I need this one from Dr X because I think, there’s a problem with me seeing a specialist and then not having the report, because I think this may be something that’s causing problems.

Dr  So, same thing, isn’t it. Skin problem, okay? [talking about the report from  (a different consultant I saw for my ankle) , about my ankle].

SMcP Pardon me?

Dr  ?????????? [Quickly reads out loud the report from from  (a different consultant I saw for my ankle)]. So you’re going back in two months? February you went back, right?

SMcP  No, I haven’t been back. I went to a podiatrist.

Dr [Reading] I will see her in 2 months, he says.     You need a copy of this, right?

SMcP  Yes, I don’t have a copy. I’d like a copy of that one too. That’s a letter for you [from me, requesting a copy of the report from Dr X, which Dr de Silva held back from letting me have].  That’s for the one that you didn’t give me.  I wonder if that has something to do with why I’m not seeing an ENT doctor.

[a few minutes pass]

Receptionist  Susan?
SMcP  Yes

Receptionist  We don’t have it.

SMcP Pardon me?

Receptionist We don’t have it.

SMcP  What happened to it?
- - - - - - - -

SMcP  Will you let me know if you will be able to get one from him?
 - - - -

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